ULI JON ROTH Writes Orchestra Score For SCORPIONS Classic

August 1, 2004

Legendary guitarist Uli Jon Roth will spend the next five days conducting and recording Sky Orchestra. He has prepared further new scores for "Requiem For An Angel", which are going to be recorded at Skylight Manor Studios. As a special treat for his North American fans, Uli has also written a full symphony orchestra score for one of his best-known pieces from his SCORPIONS days — the rock classic "The Sails Of Charon". The piece is now longer and even more dramatic than before and will feature "exciting interplay between Uli's guitar and the orchestra," according to a posting on his web site. In addition, it features Liz Vandall on vocals. A video with her performance was produced last week and will be projected onto the screen as part of Uli's concerts. Sky Orchestra will record this new score during the coming week.

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