ULVER Mastermind Working On New 'Heavy Rock' Project

May 18, 2005

Daniel Cardoso (ex-SIRIUS) and Kristoffer G. Rygg (ULVER, ex-ARCTURUS),plus a few "noble assistants," have been writing music and conspiring theories for SINDROME, a heavy rock project "with experimental edges, alternative feeling and a strong visual cinematic component," according to a press release. The group's debut album, "A Killer View", is currently in its final recording stages and is expected to be debuted this fall. Label negotiations are already in process, but the band will wait for the end of the recording process to officially ink a record deal.

According to the press release, "A Killer View" "explores and exposes mind distortion, insanity, perversion, dementia, the motivations and visions of a serial killer, and the patterns of the mind." A small trailer can already be seen and heard at the official SINDROME web site at www.spiralsektor.com. All further news and related information will be posted on the band's official message board, "The Sektor", at this location.

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