UNDEROATH Guitarist: 'SLIPKNOT Don't Truly Believe In What They're Talking About'

December 28, 2005

Christian punk/metal act UNDEROATH spoke to MTV.com about a Halloween show in New Jersey, where the band took the stage dressed like SLIPKNOT and opened the show with the masked marvels' "Duality".

"Our manager called their management, and they sent us some masks and said all they wanted was some pictures," guitarist and songwriter Timothy McTague recalled. "We all had jumpsuits with their numbers spray-painted on them. It was funny as crap. Both of our singers love SLIPKNOT. There's a lot of respect there, for sure."

That's a strange revelation considering SLIPKNOT's catalog is filled with tales of serial killers, followers of black magic and other evildoers. UNDEROATH, however, draw a distinction between wicked people and wicked imagery. "I feel like there are two ways to be satanic," he explained. "You have bands like ATREYU, who are dark and twisted and have pentagrams and say they believe in vampires and all this evil stuff. But at the end of the day, those guys are just doing theater. We've toured with them several times, and there's no strife there.

"I feel bands like them and SLIPKNOT don't truly believe in what they're talking about," he continued. "People who are truly satanic are different, and when they step into a church everything goes weird. But if I started talking to you five minutes ago and I thought you were just a dude, and now you tell me you're a satanic dude, I'm not going to think of you any differently. I love everyone for what they do, and if someone wants to have an adult conversation about doctrinal beliefs or spiritual warfare, that's fine. We'll talk to anybody."

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