August 17, 2002

As first posted here as a rumor two days ago, Italy's LACUNA COIL have now officially backed out of the proposed North American mini-tour featuring IN FLAMES, SENTENCED and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, a spokesperson for the band's label, Century Media Records, has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET. Sweden's DARK TRANQUILLITY, who were being mentioned as a likely replacement for LACUNA COIL on the proposed trek, may still step in and join the package, but have yet to be officially confirmed for the tour, pending the resolution of several unspecified "variables" (presumably having to do with tour support issues).

"There has been a ton of rumors and hence a ton of confusion [about the line-up for the tour] but nothing was ever confirmed, at least from our standpoint," the label representative told BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

"IN FLAMES is doing a two-week headline run after the SLAYER/SOULFLY dates, and we've all been trying to put a strong package together around these dates," he continued. "Again, nothing is 100%, but it looks likely that SENTENCED and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE will be on the run.

"There have been discussions of a fourth band opening and both LACUNA COIL and DARK TRANQUILLITY's names have been in discussion. Originally, LACUNA COIL was [IN FLAMES'] management/band's first choice, but with the delays in the release of the new [LACUNA COIL] album, Comalies, it just didn't seem to make sense to do this run, as the new album wouldn't be in shops.

"We are still hoping for an October 29th release date for Comalies, and we definitely want to bring LACUNA COIL back to the US to do a tour or two in support of the new record as they did amazingly well last time here with MOONSPELL and we really believe in and like the band.

"DARK TRANQUILLITY is still a possibility of getting the opening slot but obviously there are a number of different variables that need to be sorted first and we're in the process of sorting that all out.

"We should all know more next week if there will be a fourth band and if that band will be DARK TRANQUILLITY or someone else."

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