UPDATE: DROWNING POOL Frontman Died From Heart Disease

September 26, 2002

DROWNING POOL frontman Dave Williams died of cardiomyopathy, a disorder affecting the heart muscle resulting in inadequate heart pumping, according to a spokesperson for the Medical Examiner's Office for the Northern District of Virginia. The disorder can be caused by several factors, including viral infections, heart attacks, alcoholism, and severe hypertension, among others. On August 14th, the 30-year-old frontman was found dead in a bunk on his tour bus. The band was in Manassas, Virginia, en route to the next day's Ozzfest stop in nearby Bristow.

The coroner's toxicology report has officially confirmed that Williams' death was due to natural causes and was not drug or alcohol related, as had been widely speculated.

"The news is in. The toxicology report came back negative," the band's tour manager, nicknamed "Shawdog", wrote via the band's official web site. "'Nothing found' and this is the truth my friends."

In a prior post, the tour manager had adamantly denied reports that Williams had choked on his own vomit, emphasizing that there was no way to immediately tell the cause of Williams' death, as he "looked like he was sleeping" when he was discovered. "The band and crew were not up drinking like frat boys, taking drugs etc.," Shawdog wrote of the band's overnight travels to Manassas from Noblesville, Indiana, where DROWNING POOL had played the night before.

"We were watching DVDs and I even shut Dave's bunk T.V. off at 5:00 a.m. to the sound of his snores," Shawdog continued. "It's no secret Dave loved to drink and enjoy life but this was not the night of hardcore parties... Dave was not a pot head — did not do heroin, etc."

DROWNING POOL guitarist C.J. Pierce was equally adamant about the fact that there had been nothing unusual about the last night of Williams' life.

"People have been asking and I want everyone to know, that night was no different from any other — it was actually pretty tame," Pierce said at the singer's funeral on August 18th.

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