VAINGLORY: New Song Available For Streaming

October 31, 2012

"Prophesy", a brand new song from the American power metal band VAINGLORY, which features in its ranks vocalist Kate French (CHASTAIN) and lead guitar virtuoso Corbin King, can be streamed below. French says, "This track was written for a horror movie. The plot was a madman murderer traps seven girls representing the seven deadly sins in a house killing them one by one. One survives and kills the murderer. I decided to write it from her perspective. I usually write from what I feel; it's different writing to make a song fit a scenario."

VAINGLORY's follow-up to 2007's self-titled "Vainglory" album, entitled "Manifesting Destiny", is expected in the coming months.

The band's last year announced the addition of second guitarist Jerry Tharp to its ranks.

According to a press release, "The sound of ['Manifesting Destiny'] will be a bit different than the previous in that the songs are heavier, tougher, the choruses bigger, and feature the best performances from all the bandmembers." Songtitles set to appear on the album include "Ballistic" (see video below),"Epidemic", "Manifesting Destiny", "Comin' Back", "Force Centrifical", "Spit", "Time of Reckoning", "Getchu Some", "Waste Of Skin", "Dead To Me" and "To My Face".

French previously stated about "Manifesting Destiny", "It is KICK-ASS!! No fancy frills, no guest appearances, no pricey names backin' us up, no name-droppin' or regurgitated, fake, money-making BULLSHIT, but if you wanna hear US do what we do, with no sugar-coating, THE REAL DEAL... that is what your gonna get and it is IN-YOUR-FACE, total groove-oriented HEAVY METAL!!!"

She added, "This CD, it's much different than anything I've done vocally. I wanted to show every kind of metal vocal style I can do, and I can do it ALL. From death to screamo to the Halford highs, to sissy L.A. girl fairy princess (I don't do that on this, though),but it is still me. Don't be too shocked, I think you'll like it. Not too much, but just enough of everything."

VAINGLORY's self-titled CD was released in Europe in April 2007 via MTM Music.

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