VANDEN PLAS Deny STAR ONE Tour Rumors, Plot Headlining Trek

July 8, 2002

Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, Germany's VANDEN PLAS will not be supporting Arjen Lucassen's STAR ONE project during the latter's European tour in September/October. "It is true that there have been talks about this," acknowledges a message on VANDEN PLAS' web site, "but finally there was no chance to make it happen. VANDEN PLAS will definitely NOT play on the tour." Look for the band to embark on a tour of their own during the same time period.

Meanwhile, VANDEN PLAS guitarist Stephan Lill has posted the following update on the band's activities:

"We played our first live shows after the Beyond Daylight release in Germany and Belgium. It was great to perform the new songs the first time on stage ('Nightwalker', 'Cold Wind', 'Healing Tree' and 'Beyond Daylight'). The reactions were great. Last week we played our last Rocky Horror Show at the theatre here in Kaiserslauern. Very sad. Maybe there's a little chance that it will continue after the summer break. We'll have to wait and see. Last weekend we played at the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen/Germany (other bands: SLAYER, SAXON, NIGHTWISH and many more). It was unbelievable. The feedback from the crowd was great (the set list was: 'Push', 'Iodic Rain', 'Cold Wind', 'Healing Tree', 'Free The Fire', 'Rainmaker'). The atmosphere at the festival was totally friendly, and I also met a lot of people which are supporting VP for years now. Finally I can say that this festival is a must for all music fans."

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