VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS Release 'Reputation' Lyric Video

February 20, 2018

Classic rock icon Adrian Vandenberg and his VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS return with their brand new single "Reputation", taken from their new album "MK II" which was released in November on Mascot Records.

The riff-rollcoaster of "Reputation" is classic rock at its most swaggering. Vocalist Jan Hovings confesses "been there, done that, in and out of trouble" over a relentlessly infectious groove and at just over three minutes, the song perfectly captures Vandenberg 's fret-board wizzardry which darts through a fist pumping anthem.

Talking about the song, Adrian says: "One of the MOONKINGS live show favorites! Fast-paced, no holds barred, firing on all six, in your face, unpolished. Rock 'n' roll MOONKINGS style. A 'Reputation'? You bet, we don't hold back on this one!”

Four years after Vandenberg made a spectacular comeback with VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS, the band returns with "MK II". The disc has all the qualities of the debut: once again the four-piece band manages to create a perfect mix of vintage seventies hard rock and current styles of heavy rock. Adrian Vandenberg shines as a bonafide guitar virtuoso, while the rest of the band also delivers in spades. Yet "MK II" has even more to offer than the highly praised first album. It shows how the band grew into a strong unit during the world tours of the recent years.

"The last few years have been very important indeed," confirms Adrian Vandenberg, who previously gained world fame as the guitarist and songwriter of VANDENBERG and WHITESNAKE. "We just got to know each other when we recorded out debut album. I think we all exceeded each other's expectations. But you really get to know each other while on the road. It was then that I really became impressed by the abundance of energy that this band has. We tried to capture this on our new album. At the same time, we all grew individually. I am really amazed by the way Jan Hoving has grown even more in his role as a singer and as a frontman. I've played with the best bass players and drummers in my extensive career, but, with all respect, I dare to say that Sem Christoffel and drummer Mart Nijen Es form the best rhythm section I ever had the pleasure of working with."

The comeback gets a worthy follow-up with "MK II". It was (partly) recorded in the famous Wisseloord Studio in Hilversum, Holland, where the band also worked on the debut album. Once again produced by Adrian Vandenberg, engineer/ soundmixer Ronald Prent used his magic again and the mastering was done by Darcy Proper.

"The fantastic response to our debut received also gave us a major boost," said Adrian. "We felt confident to loosen things up quite a bit. Sem and Mart really go for it of at the end of 'The Fire'. Previously, I would have called for a fade-out in the mix, but this time we decided to keep it and put it on the record. It somehow reminded me of the '70s CREAM and LED ZEPPELIN jam sessions that nobody seems to do anymore these days. I allowed myself to rip all over the end section of 'If You Can't Handle The Heat'. I've always found that as a guitar player you should be able to tell a story in about twenty seconds, so this time it was great to break this rule for a change and let myself go completely. Never before in my career I have done this on an album. All in all, working on this album was a wonderful experience. The notorious 'second album syndrome' never reared its ugly head."

"MK II" track listing:

01. Tightrope
02. Reputation
03. Angel In Black
04. The Fire
05. Walk Away
06. All Or Nothing
07. What Doesn't Kill You
08. Ready For The Taking
09. New Day
10. Love Runs Out
11. If You Can't Handle The Heat

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