VED BUENS ENDE Reform, Begin Work On New Material

April 26, 2006

VED BUENS ENDE (Norwegian for "At the End of the Rainbow"),the Norwegian avant-garde metal band who split up in 1997 after after releasing only one full-length album (1995's "Written in Waters") through Misanthropy Records, have been resurrected and are "up and running again," according to a statement sent to BLABBERMOUTH.NET by the group's drummer, Einar "Esso" Sjursø. The band's current lineup consists of the following:

Carl-Michael "Czral" Eide (AURA NOIR, CADAVER, DØDHEIMSGARD) - Guitars, Vocals
Yusaf "Vicotnik" Parvez (DØDHEIMSGARD) - Guitars, Vocals
Petter "Plenum" Berntsen (VIRUS, AUDIOPAIN) - Bass
Einar "Esso" Sjursø (BEYOND DAWN, INFERNÖ, VIRUS) - Drums

Commented Einar: "We will record a new album this year, to be released in 2007 by an as-yet-undetermined label (interested parties get in touch) and we also aim at playing live, where we will perform material both from 'Written In Waters' and the [post-VED BUENS ENDE project] VIRUS 'Carheart' album plus of course new compositions. The new material is being developed at the moment and will differ from both 'Written In Waters' and 'Carheart' yet still retain the trademark off the wall guitar sounds of those releases."

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