VELVET REVOLVER Drummer MATT SORUM's Lost Cocaine Days

January 14, 2006 is reporting that drummer Matt Sorum lost two days of his life while he was touring with GUNS N' ROSES after he was driven into the Venezuelan jungle in search of cocaine.

The VELVET REVOLVER drummer got into a taxi cab in Caracas after one show and asked the driver to take him to a place where he could pick up great drugs.

He recalls, "We're on this dirt road going through the jungle... I hear monkeys and jungle sounds. We drive for 20 minutes on this crazy dirt road, and I'm like, `Amigo, where are we going?' Finally, we pull up in front of a shack made out of tin and sheets of plywood, and he blinks his lights 10 times. I gave him the money... a guy came out and threw 10 grams in straws. Then the guy handed me two bottles of pure Venezuelan rum. Two days later the tour manager found me on the balcony of my hotel with the bottles of rum and all these empty straws and said, `We have a show, Matt.' He put me in the shower and then put my clothes on, got me up and pushed me onstage."

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