Video: FIREWIND Performs Acoustic Set At Vancouver Record Store

March 8, 2013

Greek melodic metallers FIREWIND played a short acoustic set on February 19 at Scrape Records in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below.

In a recent interview with Metal Assault, FIREWIND guitarist Gus G stated about the Scrape acoustic session: "There was a record store near the venue which was an old-school record store, like a proper metal CD and vinyl store, and they invited us to do a meet-and-greet and acoustic session there. So we thought it was a really good chance to do something like that, to create more awareness for the show and also promote our latest album, 'Few Against Many', so we went down there and played a couple of songs. A lot of people showed up and it was great to meet the fans and everybody."

He continued: "We did the song called 'Mercenary Man', which we also recorded as an acoustic version back in 2008 when we released the EP. We did a song called 'Edge Of A Dream', from the latest album. It's a piano song but I did it with the acoustic guitar and it came out very nicely as well. We also did a cover of BLACK SABBATH's 'Planet Caravan'. It was a good show."

Vocalist Apollo Papathanasio left FIREWIND in Janaury and was temporarily replaced by American singer Kelly Sundown Carpenter (BEYOND TWILIGHT, OUTWORLD, DARKOLOGY, ADAGIO).

In a recent interview with Blastzone Online, Gus G. stated about how the FIREWIND fans have reacted to Carpenter's addition to the band: "I expected it to be a lot worse. Apparently, there are lots of fans out there who are looking forward to the change for various reasons. There's some that took it really bad, which was expected, but to be honest, even with Apollo in the band, we had to recruit replacement singers for our tours. In 2007, Apollo missed the whole second leg of the 'Allegiance' tour and that was a whole around-the-world run! Also, in 2011, he missed our European headline tour, which was also important, 'cause it was FIREWIND's first tour since 2009 when I joined Ozzy. So, changing singers is not a new thing for us! But it's amazing, 'cause I can't think of any other band that would be able to get away with shit like this. I think we do, because our fans come to the shows to listen to the songs, they connect with the music first and foremost and that's a very strong thing. And that means a lot to the rest of us in the band."

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