Video Premiere: ROTTING CHRIST's 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'

April 5, 2019

"Hallowed Be Thy Name", the new video from Greek extreme metal veterans ROTTING CHRIST, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's latest album, "The Heretics", which was released on February 15 via Season Of Mist. The artwork for the disc was created by Greek artist Maximos Manolis.

With "The Heretics", ROTTING CHRIST is opening a brand new chapter. Frontman Sakis Tolis, in collaboration with his brother Themis on drums, achieves a perfect balance of amalgamating the band's classic and unique style of riffing and rhythm with exciting new elements sprinkled in to keep its material exciting and fresh. The experience is enhanced by Jens Bogren's equally clear and transparent yet also massive as well as sombre mix and mastering at his widely renowned Fascination Street Studios (AMORPHIS, BORKNAGAR, MOONSPELL, DEVIN TOWNSEND).

With more than 30 years, 13 studio albums, a dozen EPs, singles and split releases, as well as more than 1,250 shows under their belt, 2018 marked the year of ROTTING CHRIST's "Their Greatest Spells", where the band musically revisited its exciting legacy to connect its past with the present.

Sakis recently told Distorted Sound magazine that it is "always hard" for him to find inspiration for new material. "I'm 30 years into the scene, I have created thirteen albums, but yeah, I struggle very hard with my demons," he said. "You see, do I have something to say to people? It took me more than a year to come up with this album, and I'm very happy that I'm still active and that I can still create something. I want to create something soulful and that is why I read a lot before I started work on this album. I read a lot, I play a lot and I talk with myself a lot."


Sakis Tolis: vocals, guitar, keys
Themis Tolis: drums
George Emmanouil: lead guitar
Van Ace: bass

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