VINTERSORG Offers Update On Current And Future Projects

September 28, 2002

VINTERSORG/BORKNAGAR/HAVAYOTH frontman Vintersorg has released the following update on his recent and upcoming projects:

"Right now we're working on the pre-production for the next VINTERSORG album, which is going to have the format of a concept/theme album, a story running through the albums entirety, and with a musical flow that includes small compositions between the 'real' songs. The music takes off from Visions From the Spiral Generator and twists and turns through a vast genre spectra (as always with VINTERSORG). From mellow prog to extreme metal, to ambient and folky vibes, spiced with a lot of effective contrasts, changing directories but united under a solid musical kingdom. The album title? It's set to The Focusing Blur and deals with man's hunger for science and faith... After understanding the most secretive processes, we always come to a new crossroad, with myriads of paths to follow, so our focus is more like a blur. I'm going to mix two tracks to the 'Fragment And Alternatives: The Experiment' expression, the one that is the target is 'Till fjälls: Evolution Mix' and 'Cosmic Genesis: Space Jazz Version'.

"We're set to do some BORKNAGAR shows in Europe now in October [since cancelled—ed.], and after that we're concentrating on the new album. The basic structures for it are completed, we all just have to slip into the songs and arrange them in suitable clothes. But it feels that we have a stronger basis than we had at the Empiricism session at the same time, so I'm extremely enthusiastic about the recording.

"At the HAVAYOTH camp [the band which also features in its ranks BEWITCHED's Vargher and NAGLFAR's Mad Morgan] things are moving forward, even if the motion is slow. The material is completed from a writing perspective, but we're having label problems at the moment. Still we feel that if we just can solve those tragic things, the new album will be a much more complete journey than the first one.

"I've written music and lyrics for another album/project that will be up and going at the turn of the year, a lot of people will take part in this... The moderator and organizer of this project is Borge Finstad (producer, engineer, etc.),the guy that co-produced Empiricism (worked with MAYHEM, VINTERSORG, SOLEFALD…). Me and Öystein G Brun (BORKNAGAR) are also invoking another musical entity called ION. Öystein has written the music (I'll add some ambient synthetics to it) and I'll start working on the vocals and other stuff a.s.a.p. I have written a musical interaction to an image/photo project held by a guy called Jonas Bäckman, some symphonic and medieval music you could say. And I'm doing some vocals now on a demo for the VINTERSORG session drummer Benny 'Hägge' Hägglund's solo project. What happens with that we'll see."

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