Vocalist KELLY KEELING To Pen Autobiography

January 8, 2005

Powerhouse rock vocalist and former Atlantic recording artist Kelly Keeling (BATON ROUGE, BLUE MURDER, MSG, JOHN NORUM) has posted the following message on his web site:

"I will soon be back on tour with George Lynch, Marten Andersson, and Mike Fro with a new set of material. I’m finally enjoying myself again and really looking forward to having a good time away from the clutches of the music business. We will be doing shows with MSG where I can foresee some serious fun for obvious reasons and with Dave Mustaine and MEGADETH.

"Michael Schenker has asked me to appear on his newest album and to write a few songs as has [Don] Dokken. If I could be cloned it may help my state but I simply can't be in three places at once. I hope they wait for me.

"My album has been done for a while; everyone likes it so I think I can let it go. There comes music business again. I am so ready to do another one, but not allowed as a solo artist until 2006. Did I say clutches of music business? My band will do a band name album and end-of-summer festival tour and release. Heavy industrial alt rock 'n' roll. A few surprises I am sworn to secrecy on that I will fit in if I can catch my breath. Orchestra / me / piano on select dates.

"Already it's a year that was meant to be a few ago. So new in the year. YESSSS. Glad to be on this side of life. Not agitated by agents and pressure, Healthy, happy and making music fun for the people I love with people I love with no conflict flowing as peaceful as the River Sane. Blessings and magic very rich. Good to be alive again. Last year was a serious beating. Read about it in my book. Did I say book? Yes, I did. Eventful!! It is being co-written by a close friend who has sold millions of books on many recording artists. I have not been bored I can promise you that. My life, jeesshheeesh.

"All I can say is God has a plan and purpose for me to have made it through the last 35 albums and around the world a few times non-stop. It's a true story; fun, sad, happy and miraculous, all dreams and more come true, many stolen, many sacrificed. The beautiful people I have had the opportunity to learn from and make love of music with. It will be a 2006 release worldwide along with my second solo album."

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