VOIVOD To Kick Off Tour In Early April

February 7, 2003

Canadian metallers VOIVOD, now featuring in their ranks former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted, are set to kick off a North American tour in support of their self-titled new album on April 10, according to Newsted's latest online posting. "Voivod" is due on March 4 through Jason's Chophouse Records in association with Surfdog Records.

The following is Newsted's entire post as it appears in the "VOIVOD Diary" section of the Chophouse Records web site:

"Why haven't I written? Because I've been too busy kicking ass!!! Over the last 6 weeks since my last entry, we've been working hard to get the music to the people. The VOIVOD 3-song sampler featuring 'Gasmask Revival', 'Rebel Robot', and 'We Carry On' has dropped on the metal world, and is being well-received by people who know good music when they hear and feel it. We've completed all artwork for the record. The band is together in California for a bit. We spent [a weekend in late January] filming our first video for the track 'We Carry On' with some great creative people from Industrial Light and Magic here in the Bay Area. The video will be finished in approximately 1 month. We're planning world premiere screenings for late February. Also, keep an ear on your local radio for new VOIVOD music.

"As of [late January], we are roughing in April 10, 2003 as tour start date for VOIVOD in the US. We are all very excited to share our new band with the world - so let's go!!! And remember, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, so we gotta ROCK today!"

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