War Is Heavy Metal: Upcoming Documentary Focuses On Music As Inspiration For Battle

August 10, 2004

"VH1 News Presents: Soundtrack to War", premiering Wednesday, August 18 at 9:00 p.m. introduces, through personal testimonies, the young and talented men and women experiencing the hell of war, and using music as inspiration while bullets fly. Australian filmmaker George Gittoes bypassed U.S. military chaperones to gain unprecedented access to the soldiers on the frontlines of Baghdad, who confided in Gittoes how various songs help psyche them up before battle, such as DROWNING POOL's "Bodies", MYSTIKAL's "Round Out tha Tank", and OUTKAST's "BOB (Bombs Over Baghdad)". "Soundtrack to War" also showcases spontaneous music performances, without rehearsal, under the blaring Iraqi sun, surrounded by the spirit of a destroyed city. Here, the nation's military proves to be gifted performers, in genres that include R&B, country, gospel and even metal.

Clips from "Soundtrack To War" can be seen in the Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11".

Following are quotes from some of the interviewed soldiers about the effect music has had on them during this time in their lives:

"I wrote some lyrics the other day and I said that I sold my soul to thee, and that hell has started for me, what I meant by that is by basically joining the army I sold my soul to the army. Basically I'm under them, they're in change of me until I get out and hell has started for me with the day I got out here to Iraq. I mean I don't want to be out here any longer than I have to in this place."

"It's the ultimate rush yes, cause, you know you're goin' into the fight to begin with, and then you got a good song playing in the background and that gets you real fired up."

"War is heavy metal, it's fast-paced, heavy and emotional. It gets your adrenaline going. It helps you feel what you got to feel to get it out of the way. It can help you relax at the end of the day. It can give you anything you need to feel, just take it, it's an emotional feeling."

George Gittoes is an exhibiting artist, filmmaker and photographer. He has been working on the theme of cultures in conflict since the 1980's. He has worked in many regions including Afghanistan, China, Philippines, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Northern Ireland and Nicaragua.

Go to VH1.com to view show clips and get more details on the show.

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