Watch DEF LEPPARD's RICK ALLEN Perform 'River Of Rain' With His Wife LAUREN MONROE

June 6, 2021

Video of DEF LEPPARD drummer Rick Allen performing the song "River Of Rain" with his wife, singer-songwriter Lauren Monroe, can be seen below. The track is taken from Monroe's new album, "Under the Wolf Moon", which was released in February via Cherry Bomb Records, a division of Mailboat Records.

"Under The Wolf Moon" launched directly after Lauren's extraordinary response to the entertainment industry's extreme hardship emotionally and financially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdown of live performances throughout the world. Legendary producer Jim Scott's influence is significant and easily recognizable in the vibe, paying homage to Monroe's recurring themes of spiritual healing, lifting each other and speaking to the heart of empowerment. Allen's drumming can be heard on several tracks, and this collaboration celebrates love, life, and purpose. It's a powerful message, and the music delivers.

The album's prevailing theme underlying the music is that of transformation, and that speaks to Monroe's core: the transformative power of her music and that of taking on the challenge of the stress of the performance community.

Lauren says: "'Under The Wolf Moon' is a cross-genre album that reaches from the heart of Americana, rootsy rock and soul that is supported by my own stories and experiences of guiding people as a healing artist and teacher. The record is a collection of songs that can inspire, teach and heal us as we face the greatest emotional challenges of life. Each song carries emotional and spiritual messages that can open our hearts: how to trust, how to heal, how to die, how to love and overcome. Every song is steeped with symbolism and teachings of healing and connecting to the inner knowing we all carry.

"As we move deeper into this metamorphosis of times, the passing of days and events are asking us to reflect on who we are as human beings, how we can reach into the places of suffering within ourselves to become braver, stronger and more connected to one another. This record reflects that journey and our ability to grow and thrive with a deeper understanding of what love truly is."

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