Watch North Wales Sculptor Create Bust Of MOTÖRHEAD's LEMMY

Watch North Wales Sculptor Create Bust Of MOTÖRHEAD's LEMMY

North Wales-based artist Nick Elphick recently spent time transforming a polystyrene block into the image of MOTÖRHEAD mainman Lemmy.

According to, the finished article ended up in Lemmy's house in California.

Video footage of Elphick creating the Lemmy bust can be seen below.

Elphick is somewhat of a passionate visionary who has spent the best part of the past ten years working to the bone to better understand form and the human mind. With extensive experience in all aspects of sculpting, moulding and casting, including teaching. Nick has a team of skilled operatives at his disposal which enables him to undertake any type of commission, large or small.

From the techniques and materials used to the featured characters and understanding of the aesthetics itself, Nick boldly takes on the traditionalist approach and creates work in a bold, playful, beautifully crafted way but with an edge that rips through the subconscious of the viewer, to leave an impression that goes further than skin deep.