WAYLANDER: Two New Songs Posted Online

May 21, 2008

Long-running Irish folk metal act WAYLANDER has posted two songs from its upcoming album, "Honour Amongst Chaos", on MySpace. Check out the tracks "As The Deities Clash" and "Walk With Honour" at this location.

"Honour Amongst Chaos" is due later in the year via Listenable Records.

Since the release of its last album, "The Light, The Dark And The Endless Knot", WAYLANDER has spent years bringing mosh pits to festivals across Europe such as Bloodstock, Pagan Nights and Ultimo Ratio. They have also spent this time finding and securing a powerful lineup with a passion to match their musical talents.

WAYLANDER's upcoming third album, "Honour Amongst Chaos", is "more powerful and beautiful than ever, using a vast array of Irish folk instruments and armed with their passion for metal in its truest form," according to a press release. "Blending epic atmospheres and relentless brutality, 'Honour Amongst Chaos' reflects the heart and soul of pagan warriors worldwide."

WAYLANDER recently parted ways with guitarist Gazz Murdock and replaced him with Ade Mulgrew of DARKEST ERA.

Video footage of WAYLANDER recording "Honour Amongst Chaos":

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