April 7, 2007

BLACK LIGHT BURNS, the band led by former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland, will support CHEVELLE on a U.S. tour beginning May 7. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

BLACK LIGHT BURNS' debut album, "Cruel Melody", is scheduled for release on June 5 via producer Ross Robinson's new label I Am: Wolfpack.

Regarding BLACK LIGHT BURNS' musical direction, Borland recently told Greg Prato of Billboard.com, "There are remnants of what I used to do, but there are also new things that I've explored that I'm expressing now. I would compare my previous work as 'knuckleheaded and immature,' and basically sort of really heavy party music. Which is never what I wanted to do. I was really behind [the debut BIZKIT album] 'Three Dollar Bill Y'all', and then because of how chaotic it was, was less happy with the music from there on. This is me 'redirecting'."

Produced by former NINE INCH NAILS member Danny Lohner (who also plays bass),"Cruel Melody" also finds Josh Freese handling drum duties and Josh Eustis playing keyboards, while Borland pulls double duty as lead vocalist. On the forthcoming tour, Borland will be flanked by second guitarist Nick Annis, bassist Sean Fetterman and drummer Marshall Kilpatric (formerly of THE ESOTERIC).

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