WITHERED To Debut New Material At Atlanta Show

May 24, 2010

Georgia-based blackened doomsters WITHERED will debut material from their recently completed new album, "Dualitas", on Friday, June 18 at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. Also scheduled to appear are CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE, DEATH OF KINGS and DEAD IN THE DIRT.

In a recent interview with Spinner, WITHERED guitarist/vocalist Mike Thompson stated about the band's forthcoming third CD, "Fans can expect a continuation from our last album. The last album, 'Folie Circulaire', the title translates to cycling madness. We used that term and the loose concept for the album to illustrate all the mistakes humanity makes. Culturally, socially, everything that has been inhibiting us as a species. Basically, everything that's wrong with it and how we're continually repeating the same mistakes generation by generation to varying degrees. And, that we're not making any progress or emotional, spiritual growth. People have a lack of personal discovery. All the social conditioning that goes on, especially in America, we're pretty guilty of that. The whole convenience approach: life needs to be easier, simpler, lazier. That's what's been detrimental to our progress. That's where we began with the last record conceptually and we're going to use as basis and continue off of. The new record deals with moral and spiritual dualities. It's more about exploring yourself. Isolating yourself mentally and emotionally and being able to break down barriers you have so you can conceptually understand any possible perspective. It's more about forcing yourself to be honest so you have a healthy spiritual path and you can make more emotional discoveries about yourself."

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