WOLF's Rehearsal Room Broken Into, Guitars Stolen

January 4, 2005

Sweden's WOLF have posted the following update at their official web site:

"Some fucko (must be a Limahl fan) has broken in to our rehearsal and stolen BOTH of Nick's flying V's, plus two cordless systems and some stereo equipment. One of the guitars is a one of a kind custom built V-model for Nick, black with flames, one zebra-coloured DiMarzio mike and a zebra mighty mike by the neck; it's the same shape as a Epiphone Flying V. It was stowed in a black hard case. The other is a Gibson Flying V 67, Cherry, with two DiMarzio Super Distortion mikes. The guitar was stowed in the original case.

"See a pic of both guitars in action here.

"Tips that lead to the recovery of one or both of these guitars will be rewarded with eternal heavy metal love from WOLF plus the usual finders fee.

"In the unlikely event that it is BLACK OAK ARKANSAS that has stolen our gear, we might forget about the incident and just advise them to use a local music store for any future thefts. Thank you."

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