World's Rarest Vintage LED ZEPPELIN T-Shirt Sells For $10,000

May 11, 2011

One of the rarest rock t-shirts in the world has sold for $10,000 the largest sum ever paid for a vintage t-shirt. The record-setting sale of a 1979 LED ZEPPELIN t-shirt on eBay has sent ripples through the competitive vintage clothing community. The item was sold by Kyle Ermatinger of Stormcrow Vintage, one of the top online destinations for sought-after authentic vintage tees. The recent completion of the transaction places the purchase as the world's rarest and most expensive vintage t-shirt.

"When I got the sale notification, my jaw hit the floor," Ermatinger said. "Given this shirt may be one of the only ones in existence, the price tag is completely justifiable. It's a rock relic, beyond rare. Admittedly, I still frequently pinch myself."

As the most scarce LED ZEPPELIN t-shirt ever produced, the article was printed in limited quantity as a unique way to replace conventional backstage passes for one of the band's historic 1979 Knebworth House concerts. Ermatinger acquired the item for $123 from the family who ran the shop that screen-printed the original shirts. "At the time, I thought I may have overpaid, until I got back home, looked it up online and noticed it was ranked #1 as the rarest ZEPPELIN t-shirt."

"Other t-shirts have been priced higher on eBay, but never sold," said James Applegath, eBay award-winning t-shirt vendor at "We've documented eBay's highest-selling t-shirts on our blog for years and nothing has come close."

Applegath, a veteran in the vintage business, migrated away from eBay to transform his Defunkd brand into a comprehensive vintage t-shirt resource and active online community. He says the buzz on his site about this story isn't a total surprise. "People are shocked at the value of some vintage t-shirts, but these items have become as collectible as baseball cards and comics."

The only details known about the buyer are that he's located in Australia and he bought a second LED ZEPPELIN t-shirt in the same week as the backstage pass gem. Although he declined to comment about the purchases, one thing is for certain: he's got a whole lotta love for LED ZEPPELIN.

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