XYZ: Previously Unreleased 'Debut' Album Sees Light Of Day

April 12, 2005

The first album recorded by the hard rock group XYZ, which was produced between 1984 and 1985 and never before released to the public, is now available for purchase online. The CD, entitled "Rainy Days", features XYZ's original lineup: Bobby Pieper (guitar),Joey Pafumi (drums),Terry Ilous (vocals),and Patt Fontaine (bass).

According to Bob Pieper, the album was recorded four years before the group's self-titled, Don Dokken-produced CD was released. "Rainy Days" was recorded for Atlantic Records, with whom the band had a short-lived deal, before the LP was shelved without seeing the light of day. Four years later, Enigma Records picked up the band, which at this point had featured two new members. Bob eventually bought the rights to the "Rainy Days" album and is now releasing it on his own, with blessings from other members of the group.

"Rainy Days" track listing:

01. Wild
02. Crazy
03. Rainy Days
04. Where Did We Go Wrong
05. Dynamite
06. You Belong To Me
07. Hot To Hot
08. Just A Friend
09. High Life
10. Lonely Without You
11. Souvenirs (original version)
12. Never Too Late (original version)

To hear sound samples of all songs and to purchase the CD, go to this location.

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