Y&T's DAVE MENIKETTI Shoots Down Rumors He Was Approached To Join VAN HALEN

February 1, 2005

Dave Meniketti of Y&T fame recently interviewed with Hardrock Haven's Derric Miller, discussing the recent releases of "UnEarthed" volumes I and II, the rumors behind him taking over as the frontman for VAN HALEN when Sammy Hagar left the band, his blues solo project, and a myriad of other topics. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Hardrock Haven: When Sammy left VAN HALEN, were there any queries from the band to gauge your interest in replacing him as their frontman?

Meniketti: "No, I never got anything, no. There was a lot of speculation from individuals and people on different forums, talking about 'Dave Meniketti and VAN HALEN,' so on and so forth. But you know what? They never called me."

Hardrock Haven: Would you have given it a thought?

Meniketti: "I don't know — I certainly was asked a lot about it, and at that time, when it was first happening, I just said, 'No.' You know? And I'll tell you why. It's not because I don't like VAN HALEN, I think they are great. I respect all those guys in the band. I always feel like, if you are taking someone else's place, especially someone who was so much a part of what that band is all about, you are really heading into deep water there. I know, for what Sammy did, it actually pulled his head out of the sand, out of the old David Lee Roth band, and really made an impression. It was THE thing he did that was right in his career, no question about it. That really put him over the top. You know, if I was the second singer — maybe. If I was the fourth singer, or whatever, in VAN HALEN, absolutely not. The way I feel about those guys is, if they can't get either of their first two singers back to play, I don't want to have any part or anything to do with it. You know, I don't think they should go on. It's too confusing to the fans, it bastardizes the band and their entire career, you know, to me — and I just wouldn't have wanted to be a part of that."

You can hear the interview in its entirety at www.hardrockhaven.net. You will need the Windows Media Player to stream the interview.

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