Issue VI

Nuclear Blast
rating icon 7 / 10

Track listing:

01. Processing Life
02. Rituals of Time
03. Turn to Ash
04. Ruins of Hope
05. Out of the Self
06. The Prison of Reason
07. Bled Dry
08. In Defeat
09. Never to Return
10. Vortex
11. Conceptual End
12. Evil Dead

It's quite simple really; those who enjoy the razor-sharp, precision thrash of bands like THE HAUNTED (such as myself) should at least be able to appreciate the unbridled fury of Germany's DEW-SCENTED (as I can). On album number six ("Issue VI"),DEW-SCENTED churns out another quality modern thrash album. Whereas THE HAUNTED added a few new twists on "rEVOLVEr" (vocal changeups, more pace variety, etc.),DEW-SCENTED sticks to what works for them. It may be predictable, but when a band serves up speeding shrapnel blasts as effectively as DEW-SCENTED does, it's hard to find fault with it.

There's no messing about with hardcore breakdowns or genre blending, just go-for-throat aggression and shout-worthy choruses. Each of these 12 tracks is a keeper, all played at basically one speed (fast) and intended solely to cause whiplash. Hell, I can pick any track and my comments will be mostly the same. There is no let-up, no momentum killing, only the lacerating twin guitars of Florian Mueller and Hendrik Bache, the crackling pop-n-thud of drummer Uwe Werning, and the strep-throat vocals of Leif Jensen. I'm not saying that every song sounds exactly the same, only similar from the standpoint of relentless attacking. That said, "The Prison of Reason" and "Bled Dry" happen to be two of my personal favorites, the former featuring a devastating rhythm dynamic and the latter an especially violent groove. The one-minute cover of ZEKE's "Evil Dead" is the perfect album-closer, the final round of quick blows to the head to make absolutely certain you'll stay down for the count. Sure, vocalist Jensen remains in his comfort zone, but the style fits the music well, so there's not much point in screwing with it.

Provided the tunes are up to snuff (and they are here),there's value in reliability (i.e., SLAYER). On "Issue VI", DEW-SCENTED delivers just that. If the adrenaline doesn't start pumping after a few minutes of "Issue VI", I'd advise you to seek medical help, as something is clearly wrong.

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