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HALFORD, TESTAMENT, EXODUS and VIO-LENCE are provisionally set to team up for a total of five dates at the end of the year, including the previously-announced show at House Of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, December 29th. The tentative schedule for the trek is as follows: Dec. 27 – TBA Dec. 2...
October 10, 2002

Former JUDAS PRIEST Drummer Joins Cover Band

Former JUDAS PRIEST drummer Les Binks, who was in the band between 1977 and 1979 and who co-wrote the PRIEST classic "Beyond the Realms of Death", has reportedly joined a British cover band called THE SHAKERS, also featuring in its ranks ex-ALICE COOPER/THE ALMIGHTY guitarist Pete Friesen. Les playe...
September 30, 2002

ROB HALFORD: I Knew The BANG YOUR HEAD Show Was Going To Be A Debacle

In the September 2002 issue of Germany's Rock Hard magazine, former JUDAS PRIEST and current HALFORD frontman Rob Halford commented on his reportedly "lackluster" June 29th appearance at the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany, where the group apparently played a 50-minute co-headlining set...
August 20, 2002

ROB HALFORD: I'm Afraid Of Forgetting Lyrics While Performing

Former JUDAS PRIEST and current HALFORD frontman Rob Halford has attributed the lack of animation during his recent live appearances to the fact that he has increasing problems remembering the lyrics to his songs while he's performing them on the concert stage. "You as a hardcore fan complain if you...
July 25, 2002

EXCITER: Regrouped And Ready To Thrash Again

EXCITER have posted the following message on their official web site: "After months of being dormant since [frontman] Jacques [Belanger]'s departure back in September, EXCITER has regrouped. A couple of months ago, we put the word out that we're searching for a new vocalist. This has generated inter...
July 20, 2002

BEEHLER: MP3 Posted Online

BEEHLER, the new band consisting of original EXCITER members Dan Beehler (drums/vocals) and Allan Johnson (bass),along with guitarists Sean Brophy and Scott Walsh, have posted an MP3 of the song "Used Bitch" online at this location. As previously reported, BEEHLER have finished writing 75% of the m...
July 16, 2002

Former EXCITER Members Reunite In BEEHLER

Original EXCITER members Dan Beehler (drums/vocals) and Allan Johnson (bass) have reunited in a brand new band called simply BEEHLER. The quartet, whose line-up is completed by guitarists Sean Brophy and Scott Walsh, have already finished writing 75% of the material for their debut album, which is b...
July 15, 2002

HALFORD: GRASPOP Set List Revealed, Rob's WNEW Interview Posted

HALFORD performed the following set during their appearance at Graspop Metal Meeting on Saturday, July 6th: 01. Painkiller 02. Jawbreaker 03. Resurrection 04. Made In Hell 05. Exciter 06. Betrayal 07. Golgotha (10-minute break due to technical problems) 08. Cyberworld 09. The Hellion 10. Electric Ey...
July 9, 2002

JUDAS PRIEST: The Toledo, Ohio Set List

JUDAS PRIEST performed the following set during their US tour-opening show on Friday, July 5th at The Hard Hat Concert Hall in Toledo, Ohio: 01. Bloodsuckers 02. Metal Gods 03. The Sentinel 04. Blood Stained 05. One on One 06. Victim of Changes 07. Devil's Child 08. Diamonds and Rust 09. Exciter 10....
July 8, 2002

HALFORD Deliver JUDAS PRIEST Classics At First Summer European Appearances

HALFORD performed the following set at Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden on Friday, June 7th: 01. Painkiller 02. Jawbreaker 03. Resurrection 04. Made In Hell 05. Locked and Loaded 06. Into the Pit 07. Nailed To the Gun 08. Exciter 09. Sinner 10. Betrayal 11. Golgotha 12. Cyberworld 13. Free...
June 10, 2002


Unlike 2000's Resurrection, which was widely hailed as the album JUDAS PRIEST should have made after Painkiller, HALFORD's Crucible is a decidedly more diverse effort, featuring plenty of traditional metal moments while occasionally following a more experimental approach, thereby preventing this alb...
May 20, 2002

EXCITER Continue Vocalist Search

Veteran Canadian thrashers EXCITER are seeking a replacement for the departed singer Jacques Belanger. Interested parties can contact the band at: [email protected] ...
May 17, 2002

HALFORD: New Tracks Posted Online!

Five new HALFORD tracks, believed to have been ripped from a promo cassette copy containing music from the group's as-yet-untitled forthcoming sophomore CD, can be downloaded from The Exciter Page. The five songs featured are as follows: 01. Betrayal 02. One Will 03. Rock the World Forever 04. Golgo...
April 15, 2002

JUDAS PRIEST Re-Masters On The Way, HALFORD Speaks Out

The third and final phase of the JUDAS PRIEST re-masters is scheduled to be released in early March (March 4th in Germany). There will be only two unreleased studio songs on them—"All Fired Up" (Turbo) and "Living Bad Dreams" (Painkiller)—30-seconds sound excerpts in Real Audio of which can be heard...
January 31, 2002

EXCITER's Ricci Confirms Vocalist Departure, Band Hiatus

After several months of silence, EXCITER guitarist John Ricci has finally confirmed via the group's official web site that vocalist Jacques Blanger has left the group. According to Ricci, Jacques has quit the band because of 'creative differences'he feels, that he is 'musically confined' in EXCITER'...
January 10, 2002