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420 MONKS Part With Bassist, Cancel South Carolina, Tennessee Gigs

Atlanta's 420 MONKS, featuring former STUCK MOJO frontman Bonz, ex-CHUM (Puerto Rico) drummer Carlos Torres, guitarist John B., and former PUBLIC ENEMY touring DJ DJ Lord, were forced to cancel their shows in Columbia, South Carolina and Johnson City, Tennessee this weekend after parting ways with b...
May 8, 2002

TOMMY LEE: I'm Not Stuck In A Time Warp

Tommy Lee comments on his role as frontman in his current group versus the drummer position he held in MOTLEY CRUE: "People are surprised. I know I'm a drummer by trade, but no one knows that I have been singing and playing guitar for years. I wrote and sang a lot of MOTLEY stuff on ...
May 6, 2002

New FOZZY MP3 Clip Available For Download

An MP3 clip of the track "To Kill a Stranger" from the forthcoming FOZZY CD, entitled Happenstance, can be downloaded from this location. FOZZY features in its ranks WWF wrestler Chris Jericho, acclaimed producer Andy Sneap and former members of STUCK MOJO. ...
May 1, 2002

SOILENT GREEN: Recovering!

SOILENT GREEN vocalist Benjamin Falgoust has posted the following message via the group's official web site: "It has been quite an interesting last 5 months. I am sure some of you know about the December 4th, 2001 accident in Washington State during the Extreme Music for Extreme People tour. When we...
April 30, 2002

NAPALM DEATH Vs. BOLT THROWER: Let The Mud-Slinging Begin!

A public war of words has erupted between NAPALM DEATH and BOLT THROWER over what is being perceived as a mutual lack of respect and behind-the-scenes bickering that has apparently been going on for years. Although personal issues between the two camps have been brewing for quite some time now, the...
April 29, 2002

ANDY SNEAP Offers Technical Opinion On SICK SPEED Vs. DK Entertainment Fiasco

Acclaimed metal producer Andy Sneap — whose list of clients includes MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT, STUCK MOJO, SKINLAB, BLAZE, NEVERMORE and ARCH ENEMY, among others — has jumped to the defense of SICK SPEED axeman Rich Ward (ex-STUCK MOJO) over the latter's criticism of the impending release of SICK SPE...
April 25, 2002

HALFORD's Crucible Set For June 25th Release Through Metal-Is Records

HALFORD have set Crucible as the title of their sophomore studio CD, due through the Metal-Is label on June 25th (one day earlier in the European territory). Conceived in various American studios during the past 12 months, Crucible is the long-awaited studio follow-up to HALFORD's critically-acclaim...
April 21, 2002

SICK SPEED's CD Debut To Receive European Release

Despite a previously-reported falling out between Atlanta's SICK SPEED and their European label DK Entertainment, DK will go ahead and release the group's debut album—much to the dismay of guitarist Rich Ward (ex-STUCK MOJO). “It will sound terrible because it's a third generation CD copy that he to...
April 19, 2002

The SLIPKNOT/STATIC-X Collaboration: "We Didn't Break Up"

SLIPKNOT's Joey Jordison and STATIC-X guitarist Tripp Eisen, who recently decided to drop the band name THE REJECTS for their long-running side project, have issued the following statements explaining their decision to part ways with singer Dizzy and recruit vocalist Wednesday 13 of THE FRANKENSTEIN...
April 18, 2002

FOZZY/SICK SPEED Update Courtesy Of Guitarist RICH WARD

A FOZZY/SICK SPEED update courtesy of guitarist Rich Ward (ex-STUCK MOJO): We started recording the new FOZZY CD on Jan. 9th and I didn't finish until March 29. We had a couple of days off here and there, but I used those days to work on the new SICK SPEED material. We worked from 2 ...
April 14, 2002

MASTERPLAN Shuffle Bassists, Finalize Album Track Listing

MASTERPLAN, the new band featuring ex-HELLOWEEN guitarist Roland Grapow, ex-HELLOWEEN drummer Uli Kusch and former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN singer Jorn Lande, have parted ways with bassist Jrgen Attig and have acquired IRON SAVIOR's Jan-S. Eckert as his replacement. Eckert has already recorded all the bass...
April 10, 2002

SICK SPEED: New Music Posted Online

Atlanta's SICK SPEED, featuring ex-STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward and drummer Bud Fontsere, have posted clips of three brand new compositions on the group's official web site at The songs featured are: 01. Wither 02. Here I Stand 03. Summer ...
April 9, 2002


In the continuing war of words between SINERGY vocalist Kimberly Goss and PRIMAL FEAR bassist Mat Sinner over Sinner's alleged mistreatment of SINERGY when the latter group supported PRIMAL FEAR on a 1999 European tour, Goss has issued a response to Mat's statement calling for Kimberly to concentrat...
April 7, 2002

FOZZY Confirmed For Germany's BANG YOUR HEAD Festival

FOZZY, featuring WWF wrestler Chris Jericho, former members of STUCK MOJO and producer Andy Sneap, are the latest act to have been confirmed for this year's Bang Your Head festival, which is scheduled to take place in Balingen, Germany on June 28th and 29th. The full list of artists currently schedu...
April 5, 2002


Former BROKEN HOPE guitarist Jeremy Wagner, who left the group last week amid internal turmoil over the band's musical direction and professional priorities, has contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET to offer his version of the events that led to the act's untimely split. Here is Wagner's statement in its enti...
April 2, 2002