ABSCESS: New Album Artwork Unveiled; Audio Samples Available

January 23, 2010

ABSCESS, the California-based band consisting of Chris Reifert (drums/vocals; ex-DEATH/AUTOPSY),Clint Bower (guitar/vocals; ex-HEXX),Danny Coralles (guitar; ex-AUTOPSY),and Joe Allen (bass; ex-VON),will release its eighth album, entitled "Dawn Of Inhumanity", on March 9 in the U.S. and March 15 in Europe. The CD will once again be made available through Tyrant Syndicate Productions, the label headed up by DARKTHRONE guitarist/vocalist Nocturno Culto.

"Dawn Of Inhumanity" was recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California with engineer Adam Munoz and is described in a press release as "an unrivalled nightmare of raw experimental extremity. Including special guest vocal appearances by the DARKTHRONE duo, this is twisted, dirty punk death without limits!" The cover artwork was created by U.S. artist Dennis Dread (DARKTHRONE, AUTOPSY),with booklet art courtesy of Chris Reifert himself.

Commented Reifert: "We really have gone beyond anything we did before.

"The challenge is to keep the core or the heart of the monster intact by retaining the original ABSCESS anger. To take that infection and move it into an immeasurable space. I think we have found that place. I think we might find you in there somewhere.

"I have to say that this time around, we went in with an almost surgical approach, meaning that not only were the songs carefully put together riff wise, but we plotted and planned out every little detail to make each song an important piece of the puzzle. There is some serious hallucinogenic depth in there!

"The album was constructed in a way that is meant to take you on a trip to a dark and disturbing world in which your ordinary daily world has no place. The songs form one solid vibe when heard from start to finish, as opposed to each one being a disposable piece that can be consumed and thrown out after a listen or two.

"'Dawn Of Inhumanity' is a true album in every sense. Not to mention it's heavy as hell!"

Click here for the new ABSCESS"Dawn Of Inhumanity" minisite featuring audio samples, album info, plus an exclusive interview with the band concerning all things dark and metal.

ABSCESS's seventh full-length CD, "Horrorhammer", came out in March 2007.

Tankcrimes released a ABSCESS / POPULATION REDUCTION split LP/CD last spring. The split, brought on by a fan-based cover song years ago, features cover art by Chris Reifert. The recordings were mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound (GHOUL, IMPALED, MAGRUDERGRIND, VOETSEK).

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