AC/DC: New Album Coming In January?

May 7, 2007

According to a posting on the AC/DC fan site AC/DC Highway to Hell, it is rumored that AC/DC has completed editing video footage for a brand new double DVD set to be released September, which will contain one Bon Scott DVD and one Brian Johnson DVD of AC/DC live in concert. The band has also supposedly completed a new album which is scheduled for release January 2008, with a world tour to follow.

Back in December 2006, Albert Music boss Fifa Riccobono shot down reports that AC/DC had a new record titled "Strap It On" coming in 2007.

"I ran that past Mal (Young) some time ago and he said it was the first he'd heard of it, so I guess the answer no," she told Undercover News. "Also, there definitely is no release date scheduled as the album hasn't been recorded yet."

AC/DC leaders Malcolm and Angus Young have been writing material for a few years. In early 2005, singer Brian Johnson told Launch there was a lot of stuff to work with. "I think, and I might be speaking out of turn, but I think they're doing a double, with the amount of songs — I've been over a couple of times with the boys and added ideas on 46 tunes we had, and they've been working since then!" he said.

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