ACCEPT Expands Lineup With Addition Of Third Guitarist, PHILIP SHOUSE

November 1, 2019

German/American metallers ACCEPT are getting ready for two upcoming North American dates next week on November 8 at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illionis and November 10 at the Foamhenge festival in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, Uwe Lulis will not be able to join the band for these two shows as he recuperates from a recent reconstructive surgery on his leg from injuries he received to it in a near-fatal motorcycle accident a decade ago. Uwe has dealt with the injury for a long time and has had many surgeries as a result.

In the process of finding coverage for Uwe for these concerts, everybody remarked how they loved working with Philip Shouse during this year's "Symphonic Terror" tour, so ACCEPT asked if he could help the group out for these two shows. To ACCEPT's and Uwe's great relief, he said "yes."

During the next few days, as lots of e-mails and discussions about the ins and outs for the two gigs and rehearsals in Nashville ensued, the band found itself faced with an unexpected question: "Why doesn't Phil join us and stay as a permanent member of ACCEPT?" The answer was unanimous. Everyone agreed, and Phil did too.

After his recovery, Uwe will continue to tour with ACCEPT and rejoin the guys for the upcoming South American shows in December. Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann, in support of his bandmate, says: "Uwe became a great friend for all of us, and after his recovery, he might need to adjust his stage moves a bit — which is no problem with all the support he has from us! We are here for you, brother!"

ACCEPT would like to welcome Phil into the band and wish Uwe a speedy recovery. The band is also inviting the fans to see this brand new ACCEPT version with Phil, Uwe and Wolf on guitar, Christopher Williams on drums, Martin Motnik on bass and Mark Tornillo on vocals.


Wolf Hoffmann - Guitar
Mark Tornillo - Vocals
Christopher Williams - Drums
Uwe Lulis - Guitar
Martin Motnik - Bass
Philip Shouse - Guitar

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