ADEMA's MARKY CHAVEZ: 'New Stuff Smokes Anything On Our Debut'

November 1, 2002

ADEMA are continuing work on the material for their sophomore full-length effort, which they hope to record early next year with an as-yet-undisclosed producer. Seven songs have reportedly been written for the disc, including the tentatively titled "Canuck" and "Unstable".

"I'm really excited about the new stuff," frontman Marky Chavez told "It's really up-tempo and upbeat, but there's also some more atmospheric things that we've been working on that are a little slower and tripped out. The stuff we're writing smokes anything on the debut album."

With regards to the lyrical approach on the upcoming CD, Chavez revealed that they will be just as personal as those on the first record, but they'll explore a wide scope of influence.

"I'm gonna be having a child in March and that's made a huge difference in my life," the singer said. "Things that I experienced on the road [will be addressed, including] getting over abusing alcohol so much. It's good that I've learned some lessons. I've gotten my head screwed on straight now, and I'm leading the band in the right direction. We're not gonna let the world beat us. We'll beat the world."

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