ADEMA To Film 'Tornado' Video This Week

February 28, 2005

With the imminent release of their first single, "Tornado", for Earache Records, ADEMA are leaving sunny California and heading over to Italy to shoot their video.

The track "Tornado" is based around a relationship that ex-marine Luke Caraciolli, ADEMA's new vocalist, found himself in and the effects of finding someone you love cheating on you with someone you know during a very stressful time in your life. The video will be filmed by acclaimed Italian director Paolo Doppieri and is set in an an underground cave (under the town square) near Ancona in Italy. "We have been told that this cave was actually created during the Roman era and then again used during medieval times as a defense against barbaric invasions!" Kris Kohls, ADEMA's drummer said. "We are super-excited about the fact that we are shooting are new video 'Tornado' in Italy this weekend. We leave L.A. tomorrow and head to Ancona in Italy to film the video inside a huge underground cave. The director, Paolo Doppieri, has a great artistic vision for the video, and the song is a rocker! The video is gonna be awesome — Italy, here we come!'

"Tornado" is due for release in the U.K. on March 21. The group's first album with former REWIND YESTERDAY singer Luke Caraciolli, "Planets", will be released on April 5 (one day earlier internationally) via Earache Records. 16 tracks will be included on the follow-up to 2003's "Unstable", which will reportedly come with a bonus DVD.

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