AEROSMITH Guitarist Says THE BEATLES Movie Inspired Him To Pursue Music

February 5, 2009

According to AeroForceOne (AEROSMITH's official fan club),Fade In — a U.S.-based movie magazine — recently spoke with AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry about the classic THE BEATLES movie "A Hard Day's Night" which was released in 1964. Joe said, "I was always an outsider. I never really fit in. I was the guy standing against the wall at every school dance. But when I saw this movie in 1963-64, and saw the camaraderie these guys had as a band, it made me want to pursue music. I was going to be a marine biologist. I love the ocean. I didn't snorkel, but had always loved [Jacques] Cousteau and thought maybe I could be a part of that. But I was also intrigued by the guitar. And I ended up being in a band with all of my friends. There're a lot of films I love, but I wouldn't have followed the course that I did if I hadn't seen this film."

Perry recently issued a statement regarding the emergency knee surgery he recently underwent, which forced the band to cancel a February 1 headlining show in Caracas, Venezuela. As previously reported, Perry had the surgery because of complications from a knee replacement he had done last year. He wrote, "Recovery was going well until about six weeks ago. It got infected! At this point we don't know how or why, and after a series of tests, I had to undergo emergency knee surgery. Basically, they flushed out the knee with a lot of antibiotics. I got the call at 11 a.m. on a Thursday that I needed surgery the next day. I was in the hospital that night and had the operation the next day."

Perry added that his latest recovery was going well and that he planned to get back into the studio in a couple of weeks to keep working on the next AEROSMITH album.

He said that postponing the show in Venezuela was "unavoidable," but that the band hopes to hit the road in late spring or early summer.

AEROSMITH's next studio album will be its first set of all-original material since 2001's "Just Push Play".

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