AEROSMITH Guitarist Wants To Exhume 'Night In The Ruts' Album

June 15, 2009

Dean Goodman of Reuters reports that the centerpiece of each show on the new AEROSMITH tour is the performance of an early album in its entirety, front to back. For at least the next two weeks, that album is the 1975 smash "Toys In The Attic", which features the hits "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion". (The album closer "You See Me Crying" is currently absent from the set list because it is "one of the toughest songs probably in our catalog," guitarist Joe Perry said, and vocalist Steven Tyler needs two more shows to get his throat into shape).

Once the band settles into a groove, it will probably dust off its 1976 follow-up "Rocks", which features the top-40 tunes "Back In The Saddle" and "Last Child". The band's first two albums, its 1973 self-titled debut and 1974's "Get Your Wings" are also candidates for a revival.

But what Perry really wants to do is exhume is the unloved 1979 album "Night In The Ruts", recorded during the band's lengthy, drug-fueled nadir. Perry plays on only some of the tracks because he left the band before the album was released.

"I think there are probably two songs on there that we could play pretty much right off the bat," he said. "The rest of them we'd have to sit down and really take them apart, relearn all the guitar parts. There are some rockin' songs on there and it would be fun to play them live."

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