AEROSMITH's JOE PERRY: 'Maybe We Have Three More Records In Us'

September 23, 2009

On Tuesday, September 22, Jed Gottlieb of conducted an interview with AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Your interview with Associated Press (see video below) got fans worried. What's the real story about the future of AEROSMITH?

Joe Perry: AEROSMITH is taking a breather. We had to postpone some dates at the end of two or three tours and that kind of pushed our touring problems into the forefront and didn't give us a lot of time to make a studio record. After having to cancel this last tour we need to stand back, take a deep breath and let everybody come back down to earth. We're going on hiatus like most bands do, we're not kids anymore we don't need to pound the pavement every day but we got locked into that after postponing gigs and having to make them up. So did that Associated Press story exaggerate your frustration with Steven Tyler?

Joe Perry: Sometimes certain things come out. I always try to be as honest as I can and that's it. I stand by everything I said. In the context of a longer interview it probably would have seemed less harsh, but it is still the truth. I'm still getting over the fact that tour was canceled. It was the best one we'd put together in such a long time. What surprised me the most was hearing that you and Steven haven't been writing together for some time. Is that really true? Nothing in a decade or so?

Joe Perry: Relationships go through changes, songwriting partnerships go through changes. When we started using outside songwriters it definitely helped with our success in the '80s and '90s. I don't know, maybe it got too comfortable to rely on that. I don't think anybody really cares who writes the songs as long as they sound like AEROSMITH songs and, at least to me, there have been times when we drifted away from (sounding like AEROSMITH). I don't mind using outside songwriters but I'd still like to see an AEROSMITH where the core of the music comes from the guys in the band. Will that happen? Will there even be another AEROSMITH record?

Joe Perry: Maybe we have three more records in us. Maybe we have [between] five (and) seven years of touring.

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