November 6, 2003

AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler told the Hollywood Reporter he "cherishes" getting late-night phone calls from musicians on the verge of doing drugs, because it beats the alternative.

"In the old days, (the calls were) 'Hey Steven, Joe died'," he said.

Tyler is part of the Musicians Assistance Program, a network of sober musicians who help others get through rough patches in rehab and recovery.

So when MAP founder Buddy Arnold called Tyler at 3 a.m. after a recent Madison Square Garden gig and asked him to call an up-and-coming musician who was struggling to stay sober, Steven was happy to oblige.

"Hi, it's Steven Tyler," he told the musician who freaked out in disbelief. "Yeah, dude, someone said you were thinking about getting high. Tell me about it, because I think about it all day long, and I've got 17 years sober."

After the chat, the musician decided not to go off the wagon that night.

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