AETERNUS Complete Work On 'A Darker Monument'

February 4, 2003

Norway's AETERNUS have completed work new album, "A Darker Monument", for a late spring release through Nocturnal Art Productions. Says frontman Ares: "Well, we are now done in studio and we are damn happy with the result that we have. We've managed to record and produce one damn brutal album, as we did in 2000 when we did 'Ascension of Terror'. Only now, the darkness of AETERNUS' music is so much more present than ever before and I promise you all real brutal stuff. Totally heavy Death/Dark Metal...several tons of it my friends. Many of you know 'Soulslayer' from the Demo we did and it's on there of course, but there are 8 other songs of darkened Death Metal too and these remains to be heard by all of you who really knows how to appreciate raw Metal! If things goes as planned, you don't have to wait too long... I must speak with NAP before I dare giving you a month of release, but it won't be too long..."

"A Darker Monument" was recorded at Greighallen Studios with producer Pytten (ENSLAVED, MORK GRYNING).

Among the cuts set to be included on the effort are the following:

01. Slavestate
02. Litany of Ra
03. Sword of the Earth
04. The Trident
05. Genocide Delight
06. SoulSlayer
07. DarkStorm
08. Sons of War

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