AIRBOURNE Guitarist Interviewed In Glasgow

April 7, 2010

STV's John Kilbride conducted an interview yesterday (Tuesday, April 6) with rhythm guitarist David Roads of Australian hard rockers AIRBOURNE in Glasgow, Scotland. Watch the chat at this location.

Regarding the songwriting and recording process for AIRBOURNE's sophomore album, "No Guts. No Glory.", Roads said, "We had a lot of material when it came to writing it. We wrote all though 2008 on the road and we finally came off the road and we went back to Australia. We had about five months doing pre-production, so we had lots of material to work on, so we were pretty confident when we went into the studio; we didn't have that 'second album syndrome' pressure.

"At the end of the day we are our own critics in the studio, and if its not rocking we won't record it.

"It's dynamically different from the first one. With songs like 'Blonde Bad and Beautiful' and 'Bottom Of The Well', it's a little more colorful than the first one, but still with a handful of rockers and mid-tempo numbers and we were happy with it when we came out of the studio."

"We had lot of fun recording it this time round, the first album was maybe a bit more mechanical in the recording process, we did it in sections. This time we wanted to capture the energy of what we do live on stage so the only way to do that was to play live as a band in a big drum room, and do it live to tape, on analog.

"It was fun because we lived in the studio when we did it, it was a big old building and we were around it all the time and we lived there for three and a half, four months recording it.

"We would have every Sunday off so we would knock off on Saturday night and night and hit the pub and get back to it on Monday morning!"

"No Guts. No Glory." is scheduled for release in the U.S. on April 20 via Roadrunner Records. The CD came out in Europe on March 8 and in Canada on March 9.

AIRBOURNE will be spreading its rock 'n' roll seeds all across the U.S. this spring when it embarks on a full U.S. tour supporting BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.

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