ALL SHALL PERISH Seeks Touring Rhythm Guitarist

September 26, 2006

Guitarist Ben Orum of the Oakland, California-based melodic hardcore death metal band ALL SHALL PERISH has issued the following update:

"2007 is looking to be a big year for ALL SHALL PERISH, and as much as I wish I could dedicated my entire life to the band 24/7, I have a new family and a growing buisness to take care of during some possible tour offers for the band. I can't say exactly what these tours are quite yet, but they are going to be very big!

"I am seeking a touring guitarist who fits the following criteria to take my place on a few select tours throughout the year. If it works out, you could be our permanent touring guitarist.


1. Must have professional Gear, Professional Attitude
2. Proficient in death metal/hardcore playing techniques
3. Must be a maniac on stage
4. Must be able to drive
5. No hard drugs, no achoholics, no DRAMA

"We are based out of Northern California.

"If you're interested in touring the entire U.S. next year with ALL SHALL PERISH and some other HUGE names, please drop an e-mail to [email protected]"

ALL SHALL PERISH's recently released sophomore album, "The Price Of Existence", marks the debut of the group's new lead singer, Hernan "Eddie" Hermida, and new lead guitarist, Chris Storey.

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