ALL THAT REMAINS Frontman: Aftershocks Of Japanese Quake 'Mess With Your Head'

March 17, 2011

ALL THAT REMAINS singer Phil Labonte became part of a huge news story earlier this week when he appeared on both CNN and on the web site of the Wall Street Journal to recount living through Friday's (March 11) catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Shortly after arriving back home in the U.S., Labonte, who had never been in an earthquake before, told HardDrive Radio that the band was on edge until the minute they left Japan. "Until we left, there was little aftershocks and it just kind of felt constant and, like, you were always like, 'Do I feel shaking?'" he said. "If there was a truck that went by and you were standing there, you'd think for a second, 'Oh, was that the earth shaking?' because a truck went by, or whatever, you know. It almost messes with your head. I sat with a glass of water half-full on my desk so I could watch, you know, see if it was really shaking. It was weird."

The quake, which measured 9.0 on the Richter scale, and subsequent tsunami have combined to leave thousands dead, a large swath of the country without power, housing or supplies, and two nuclear reactors in danger of meltdown.

ALL THAT REMAINS was performing in Tokyo the night of the quake. Damage in that city was minimal, but far worse in the northern part of the country.

Nevertheless, Labonte wrote on the website of the Wall Street Journal that "you could see skyscrapers swaying back and forth." He added, "I know that I, as well as millions of other people affected by this disaster, will never forget how it felt during and for days after."

Other music artists, ranging from LINKIN PARK to LADY GAGA to AEROSMITH, have expressed concern or started efforts to raise money for relief efforts in the parts of Japan devastated by the disaster.

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