ALTER BRIDGE's MYLES KENNEDY Says His Second Solo Album Will Be 'Very Stripped Down And Organic And Raw'

February 6, 2017

ALTER BRIDGE and SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS singer Myles Kennedy has confirmed to The Aquarian Weekly that he has already begun work on his second solo album, even thought the first one has yet to see the light of day. He said: "The [first] solo [album] was something I started years ago, and then just didn't have time to finish. So, once it was finished last year and mixed and everything, then I started writing another one. Just because I feel like songs have a shelf life for me, so I was curious in my downtime here while I was at home in between tours, what will happen if I wrote a whole new batch of material? So I'm just doing that and just trying to stay busy, and we'll see which one ends up being released."

He continued: "These songs aren't riff-oriented like ALTER BRIDGE. With this approach, I wanted to approach more like a singer-songwriter would and some of my favorite albums have been just a guy and a guitar like Robert Johnson or Chris Whitley. I wanted to attempt something like that."

Myles added: "The first one I recorded was a bit more produced with layers and guitars, and with this new thing I'm working on, I'm doing my best to keep it very stripped down and organic and raw. So, we'll see what ends up happening in the end, but you will hear it."

Kennedy's first solo album was recorded with Brian Sperber (ALTER BRIDGE) at Ansons Pocket Studio in Yorktown Heights, upstate New York. The CD's release date, title and artwork have yet to be revealed.

In a 2012 interview with Metalshrine, Myles said that his upcoming solo effort would feature guest appearances by "a lot of friends," including Slash, who "was kind enough to offer his guitar prowess on a track which turned out really cool."

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