AMORAL: Part Two Of Discussion About Making Of 'Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows' Album (Video)

January 31, 2014

One fine Saturday morning, around 9 a.m., the five members of the Finnish metal band AMORAL (and Valtteri Hirvonen, the cameraman) gathered at Bar Loosister for a few cups of coffee and to discuss their recently completed sixth album, "Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows". The idea was to just let the cameras roll and let the discussion sway into whichever direction it would lean to naturally, and see what happens. The end result gives you an insight into the band's thoughts and feelings about the process, as well as bring up a few points that would probably not surface in a traditional interview situation.

Check out part two of the discussion below.

AMORAL will celebrate the release of "Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows" by playing a special show at Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki on February 28. The concert — the band's first in almost a year — will see the group perform the entire new CD in sequence, followed by a set of songs from AMORAL's decade-long career.

"We got the itch to try and play the whole new album through live pretty soon after completing it," says AMORAL guitarist Ben Varon. "At least this one time. It's quite a challenge, starting our first show in ages with an hour of all-new music, but it's a challenge we welcome with open arms!"

"Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows" will be released on February 14. The effort will be available on CD, double vinyl and digital download. Aki Siltala, the artist behind the covers of previous AMORAL albums "Decrowning" and "Reptile Ride" is again responsible for the cover artwork.

"Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows" track listing:

01. On The Other Side Pt. I (7:14)
02. No Familiar Faces (4:07)
03. Prolong A Stay (7:39)
04. Blueprints (4:20)
05. If Not Here, Where? (9:15)
06. The Storm Arrives (6:25)
07. See This Through (6:39)
08. On The Other Side Pt. II (9:14)

"'Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows' is a concept album, and 'If Not Here, Where?' sits right in the middle of the album and the story, marking a turning point in the protagonist's journey," says Ben Varon.

"We wanted the first taster to really represent the whole album. Also, 'If Not Here, Where?' being such a massive chunk of music, almost like two songs in one, it will take some time for listeners to digest it all."

AMORAL's fifth album, "Beneath", entered the official chart in Finland at position No. 30.


Ari Koivunen (RASKASTA JOULUA) - Vocals
Ben Varon (GREASE HELMET) - Guitar
Masi Hukari - Guitar
Pekka Johansson - Bass
Juhana Karlsson (SHEAR) – Drums

Part 2:

Part 1:


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