ANCIENT CEREMONY 'Banned' From Performing At Germany's SUMMER BREEZE Festival

May 18, 2003

German "dark extreme" metallers ANCIENT CEREMONY have reportedly been banned by city officials from performing at this year's Summer Breeze festival "because of the band's Satanic and blasphemous attitude," according to an official statement from the group. "Promoters were even set under pressure by getting told the whole event was cancelled if the band was allowed to play so that the organizers had no other chance than taking them from the billing. This scandal is a fist into the face of the entire metal scene and neither band nor management are willing to accept this cancellation without fighting against it. Of course ANCIENT CEREMONY will continue following their Satanic ethics consequently and are almost 'proud' that they are the only controversial act that was chosen as 'enemy' by these radical catholics — but there is no legal base for the behavior from church and authorities so that ANCIENT CEREMONY hope for massive support from fans and media in fighting against this censorship!"

This year's Summer Breeze festival is scheduled to take place Aug. 21-23 in Abtsgmünd, Germany. Among the artists scheduled to appear at the event are AMON AMARTH, BORKNAGAR, CALLENISH CIRCLE, CHILDREN OF BODOM, DARKANE, DEW-SCENTED, FINNTROLL, IN FLAMES, KATATONIA, KROKUS, MESHUGGAH, NAPALM DEATH and PRIMAL FEAR.

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