ANGRA Complete Work On New Album

July 16, 2004

Brazil's ANGRA have completed work on their follow-up to 2001's "Rebirth", tentatively due this fall through SPV Records (NTS Records in France). The band have posted the following message regarding the as-yet-untitled effort: "First of all, the songs are awesome! Really, really good! The production is perfect too, the sound of instruments is even heavier and clearer than in our previous albums. The band sounds more powerful and tighter as well.

"This is a very complex record, truly sophisticated. It's not just another metal album, it’s much more than that. The richness of the songs can be felt in the concept, the versatility, the spontaneity, the technique, the feeling and the emotions that flow throughout the whole record. It's easy to figure out our emotions in the tracks. It's a special thing, totally unconventional.

"The story is about the saga of a crusader knight that ends up disputing the expansionist ideals of the Catholic Church in the eleventh century. He is known as The Shadow Hunter. His way of thinking changes step by step until he gets to the point of beginning a new reforming order. There's a lot of things happening in his life and each song is a chapter of the story. It's amazing to follow the lyrics as you listen to the songs. Each situation is totally different from the other.

"Overall, this album is a bit longer than the others ANGRA has made so far. We tried to do something new and didn’t think twice about the possibility of experimenting. After all, we always focus in the artistic side and in what has been ANGRA's most striking mark since day one: ORIGINALITY!

"Today is July 14th and we are leaving for Japan. We'll meet Kiko there (he's going from Brazil) and the three of us are gonna promote the album. We're doing a couple of acoustic gigs, plus interviews, photo sessions and so on. However, we look forward to coming back to Brazil and showing to the fans what we achieved in the new album, ANGRA's very best in our opinion."

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