ANGTORIA: 'God Has A Plan For Us All' Video Posted Online

September 20, 2006

ANGTORIA's video for the song "God Has a Plan for Us All" has been posted online at this location.

ANGTORIA frontwoman Sarah Jezebel Deva (CRADLE OF FILTH, THERION, MORTIIS) had the following to say about the song and the accompanying video: "The song covers two subjects but they are both linked. Written about a man who preaches god's word yet finds it acceptable to sexually abuse children. Also this song describes the pitiful chilché used by many religous people who can't offer any other explanation as to why people suffer in their life. Rape, murder, poverty, whatever it may be, the only excuse that can be offered is: 'God Has A Plan For Us All!'

"The video was filmed at two locations, a very impressive and beautiful church (Njurunda Kyrka) and an abandoned deteriorated building, over a three-day period and due to the lyrical theme of the song it was filmed as a 'short movie.' It contains footage of as well the band as Chris' [Rehn] five-year-old daughter Saga who played the child, Toni Davey (wife of Dani Filth in CRADLE OF FILTH and covergirl on the [ANGTORIA] album) who played the child as a grown-up to a 35-piece church choir and a priest played by Pierre Ragnehag!"

ANGTORIA's debut album, "God Has A Plan For Us All", was released in Europe in April via Listenable Records. The CD will be issued in North America on October 17.

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