ANNIHILATOR's JEFF WATERS Wants To Reunite With Singer COBURN PHARR For 'Never, Neverland' 30th-Anniversary Tour In 2021

May 30, 2020

ANNIHILATOR mastermind Jeff Waters wants to reunite with the band's former vocalist, Coburn Pharr, for a special tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of ANNIHILATOR's critically acclaimed and best-selling 1990 release "Never, Neverland". The LP includes such classics as "Road To Ruin", "I Am In Command", "Reduced To Ash" and "Phantasmagoria".

According to Waters, the original idea was for the trek to take place in 2020, but those plans have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic which is sweeping the globe.

In a social media post announcing his intentions, Waters wrote: "I had hinted to all, on our October-December 2019 headline Europe tour, that we would come back in 2020 and celebrate 30 years since the release of our best record (in my opinion, most fans thoughts and the sales back that up, too!): 'Never, Neverland'. However, as we all know, that is now not a priority and could not happen this year.

"I had my favorite ANNIHILATOR singer, Coburn Pharr, over to the house and studio last summer. We talked about doing a show or more to play that record and have a lot of fun! Festivals, agents and musicians that we all know were excited to see this happen and join in to show their love for that record and influence on their careers (think folks that cite 'Never, Neverland' as an influence, like OPETH, TRIVIUM, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SLIPKNOT members, tons of others) and I know fans of that era would love it. Coburn and I also discussed doing a short tribute to [late ANNIHILATOR vocalist] Randy Rampage at the end of the set.

"I had thought about/tried to bring the three other members back on board... Ray [Hartmann, drums] passed on it, another cannot legally travel and another has been out of the touring game for decades... I was also worried about the health of at least one of them, getting back into this after decades away from it.

"Although Coburn, Ray and I were the ones on the record, and I'd written most of this record years earlier, the five-piece band was definately the best live version of the band... even though others rocked and our current lineup kills!

"So... if this works out, let's postpone this idea to 2021, pretend it is 30 years since the release and we would LOVE to bring Coburn back to sing the whole record live and do a cool tribute to Rampage. I would use our current lineup with Fabio [Alessandrini, drums], Rich [Hinks, bass] and Aaron [Homma, rhythm guitars] and myself, and Coburn would make it be done right!

"Spread the word. Festivals and promoters, get a hold of us through our official website! We know this is gonna be a blast, if it works out!!"

Pharr last reunited with ANNIHILATOR in January 2015 when he performed with the band on the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise. Pharr took the microphone for the songs "Reduced To Ash", "The Fun Palace", "I Am In Command", "Road To Ruin" and "Stonewall".

ANNIHILATOR's second album, "Never, Neverland" was re-released twice: in 1998, expanded with three demo tracks; and again in 2003 as a two-disc compilation set along with "Alice In Hell", titled "Alice In Hell/Never Neverland", as part of Roadrunner Records' "Two From The Vault" series.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Annihilator's 30th Anniversary Celebration AND SHOWS for their best-selling and best record "...

Posted by Jeff Waters on Thursday, May 28, 2020

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