ANTHEM: 'Immortal' CD To Receive European Release This Fall

July 9, 2007

Veteran Japanese metallers ANTHEM will release their latest CD, "Immortal" (2006),in Europe late September/early October on France's Replica Records. In France as well as in Germany, U.K., Netherlands and several other countries, the initial version of the LP will be available together with the "Anthem 20th Anniversary Tour 2005" bonus DVD.

"Immortal" CD track listing:

01. Immortal Bind
02. Soul Motor
03. Mob Groove
04. Ignite
05. The Beginning
06. Freak Out
07. Insomnia (instrumental)
08. Unknown World
09. Betrayer
10. Echoes In The Dark
11. Road to Nowhere

"20th Anniversary Tour 2005" bonus DVD track listing:

01. Onslaught
02. Eternal Warrior
03. Easy Mother
04. Overload
05. Distress
06. Omega Man
07. Gotta Go
08. Revenge
09. Demon's Ride
10. Running Blood
11. Victim In Your Eyes
12. Night After Night
13. Machine Made Dog
14. Bound To Break
15. Gypsy Ways(Win, Lose Or Draw)
16. Cryin' Heart
17. The Juggler
18. Hunting Time
19. Shadow Walk
20. Blinded Pain
21. Venom Strike
22. Grieve Of Heart
23. The Voices
24. Let The New Day Come
25. Life Goes On
26. Do You Understand?
27. Wild Anthem

ANTHEM has been confirmed for the Loudpark 07 festival, set to take place October 20-21 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama City, Japan. Also scheduled to appear are HEAVEN AND HELL, BLIND GUARDIAN, MACHINE HEAD, MARILYN MANSON and SAXON, among others.

For more information on ANTHEM, click here.

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