ANTHRAX Guitarist Checks In From The Road

May 28, 2003

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has posted the following update to the band's official web site,

"I'm dizzy with bus-legs after 20 hours from McAllen to Tucson. We watched 'The 25th Hour' (the feel good movie of the year!),'Millers Crossing' (Coen Bros. classic finally on DVD),and 'Amelie' (really the feel good movie of the year). We were 5 miles from Tucson when the cooling system fan in the bus took a shit and we had to pull over on the side of the freeway. Randy our tour manager had cabs come and take us to our hotel. Long day. Long. Long weekend in Texas. It sucked that MOTÖRHEAD cancelled because it left us in a bad situation. Promoters wanted to cancel, venues were changed (the club in Killeen burned down),dates were mixed up (the wrong date was advertised in San Antonio),it was a clusterfuck. We said fuck it, we're coming. What are we gonna do? Not come? Fuck that. We've spent too much time away as it is and we intend to play anywhere and everywhere just like it was 1986. Because in a lot of ways it is just the same as it was then. We made the record we wanted to make and now we're going to tour the shit out of it. We've never been afraid to work. That's what has kept us alive all these years, working hard and a loyal audience. I thought the shows in Texas themselves were good. Just not as good as the two weeks before, and I guess that was to be expected after the aforementioned clusterfuck. We'll be back Texas. By the shine off of my chrome-domed head, we'll be back and it will be bigger and better, this I swear.

"So 3 dates left and then Europe. I'm excited to see DEATH ANGEL tomorrow. We haven't played Tucson in forever. Phoenix is always good. These next three should be a blast with a big blow-out in LA for the last night. We get back from Europe July 7 and then we go do the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. The U.S. and a full Canadian tour starts right back up again after the Japan fest. We should have the support bands locked in next week. As soon as we know, you'll know. I can tell you this, it's going to be full frontal metal. The heaviest package out. You've been warned."

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