ANTHRAX Guitarist Speaks Out On D.C. Incident

February 22, 2002

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has spoken out publicly for the first time about the group's February 17th gig at Nation in Washington D.C., where frontman John Bush was reportedly involved in a scuffle with a member of the audience. In the final entry of the guitarist's Tour Diary at, Ian recounted that the show started off normal enough, and everything seemed fine until the end of 'Antisocial'. John was leaning into the crowd over the barricade and singing with them. Some guy was right in John's face, middle finger first, apparently not very stoked on John. John continued singing with the fans, even with this jerk-off in his face until the guy moved in way to close. John flipped the guy off in return and words were exchanged. When the guy pushed through the crowd towards John to 'have a go', John defended his honor with a right hand that hit nothing but air. John was pulled back, and at this point, the rest of the band and [headlining act JUDAS PRIEST singer] Ripper Owens were at the front of the stage yelling at this c.nt. Before anyone else could do anything, a fan from the pit grabbed this guy and threw him to the ground, where he got personally acquainted with most of the feet in the pit that night. What was this ass thinking? Drunk or not, you don't start a fight with the singer of the band that the other 2,000 people there want to see. The best part is that he missed PRIEST too. What a dick. The guy was tossed by security. John apologized to the rest of the crowd. The energy level now was way up and we finished the show without incident. I'd like to thank the fans for having John's back. I saw a few more fights in the crowd during PRIEST's set. Lots of testosterone and beer. DC was crazy. Like the old days at The Bayou.

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